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Patients of all ages frequently ask what can be done to improve the overall quality and look of their face and skin. The products that we offer have been carefully selected for the benefits and value they provide.


Latisse solution is an FDA approved medication used for longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. It is topically applied to the upper lash line once daily. Most patients notice longer lashes after 1 month of use and fuller, darker lashes after 3 months of use. Latisse solution is usually very effective and very well tolerated. Once you stop using Latisse, your eye lashes will return to their original length.


Neocutis is a premium skincare line we carry in our office. Developed from research in scarless wound healing, patented Processed Skin Proteins (PSP) is an optimally balanced blend of proteins, including human growth factors, that supports your skin’s natural processes to preserve healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Micro Protein Complex (MPC), exclusive anti-aging technology, was developed to address five of the key factors that impact the appearance of skin as it ages: Collagens I, III, and VII, Elastin and HA. MCP products feature a trio of peptides to enhance these key factors and help restore the appearance of youthful skin.

Skin Medica

Replenish Hydrating cream: it hydrates and refreshes with specialty ingredients while restoring suppleness and soothing dry or sensitive skin.

Glypro exfoliating facial cleanser: it’s an exfoliating cleanser that sloughs off the top layer of skin using eco-friendly microbeads and glycolic compound to deeply cleanse helping reveal fresh new skin.

Glypro Renewal cream: an ultra-rich cream utilizing powerful antioxidants and glycolic acid to help retain moisture and encourage skin renewal and softness.

It would be our pleasure to discuss our cosmetic products with you. We welcome your questions and would be happy to schedule a consultation.

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