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Laser Hair Removal

GentleLase® Laser Hair Removal

Imagine…having smooth, hair-free skin without shaving, plucking, waxing or bleaching.

Introducing the GentleLase hair removal laser.

Compared to other methods of hair removal, such as waxing, plucking, cream depilatories, and electrolysis, lasers provide much more efficient removal of hair with longer lasting results. We chose the GentleLase from many other laser and pulsed light systems because we felt it provided the absolute safest, least painful, and most effective results available.

How does GentleLase work?

Laser hair removal utilized wavelengths of light which are absorbed as heat energy in pigmented regions of hair follicles, causing them to stop producing long, dark hairs. Laser hair removal is safe for all areas of the body, with most areas requiring 4-6 treatments. Following treatment there is usually no hair growth for 2-3 weeks, followed by shedding of the treated hair, at which point fewer hairs will regrow which are usually lighter in color, thinner, and softer. With each subsequent treatment, fewer and fewer hairs are left.

What areas can be treated?

All areas of the skin can be treated successfully. Darker hair is always more easily treated than white, blond, or silverhair with any laser system, including ours. The most popular areas for women are the upper lip and chin, followed by the underarms and bikini area. For men, the neck, back, ears, and nose are tops.

Does GentleLase Hurt?

Treatments are well tolerated. The sensation is usually described as a light stinging, often compared to a rubber band snap. For sensitive areas or large areas such as the full legs or back, patients can elect to apply a topical anesthetic cream one hour before treatment, which greatly decreases the discomfort. Plus, Candela’s exclusive Dynamic Cooling Device sprays a cooling liquid onto the skin just prior to each laser pulse to protect the outer layer of skin and provide immediate comfort.

How much does GentleLase cost?

Laser hair removal is surprisingly affordable. Some areas, such as the upper lip, start at just $75 per treatment. Significant discounts are given for 6-session packages, and the more areas you treat at one visit, the better the package price. A free consultation is usually given to determine your specific needs and the exact cost.

How do I start with GentleLase?

Call (503) 295-2366 a free consultation. We will review all aspects of pre- and post-treatment care, determine your specific needs, and provide a written cost estimate. In many cases treatment can begin the same day.